Every LightFury Kit is backed with 1-Year Limited Parts Warranty. If your controller, light wire, or light strip fails due to faulty manufacturing, simply contact us at info@lightfuryhelmets.com and we’ll be happy to replace the failed component once we determine the cause of the problem. We may request pictures and/or video to help us properly diagnose your issue.

You may extend this coverage to two years for US$8 while purchasing your LightFury Kit prior to checkout.

If you accidentally cause damage to your controller, light wire, or light tape, we allow our customers to purchase replacement parts. Accidental damage includes but is not limited to:

  • Water or other wet substances
  • Damage directly caused by not following the instructions
  • Cutting, tugging, or ripping wires
  • Motorcycle accident

Warranty is not valid on the following extras provided in the kit – glue, adhesive mount, stickers and extension wires.

Installing a LightFury Kit on anything other than a motorcycle helmet will directly void your warranty.